PDF icon Mommy and Me Play Class Enrollment Form.


Daytime Playtime Enrichment Center is happy to announce the return of Mommy and Me classes for the little one's ages 12 months thru 24 months. A fun and exciting class for Mom’s to share in the wonderful activities that are sure to bring a smile to both of you. This is also the perfect opportunity to build one-one bonding between you and your baby. Age-appropriate crafts, physical activities and silly songs will be a great introduction to Daytime Playtime’s everyday environment. Space is limited so sign up today!


Daytime Playtime is also offering a new toddler class on Mondays and Fridays which will also give Mom's a chance to run a few errands or have a little break in the mornings. This class will be for toddler's age 16 months – 24 months from 9:00 – 12:00 During this class, children are given free time to play in our music and movement mat room which will help in perfecting new skills like walking, jumping, climbing, balance and coordination. Memory and creativity also plays a role, as children are introduced to music, sign language and many other fun filled activities. This is a wonderful introduction to Daytime Playtime's unique environment.