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Hello Daytime Playtime Parents,

We are extremely excited to announce our 2018 summer camps! We kept some of our all-time favorites, but we added some new unique themes as well. Our camps are flexible to fit your daily needs, whether it being morning, afternoon or all day care. You also have the option of choosing how many days per week you would like to enroll your child(ren) and we offer camps for different age groups. The camps are entertaining, informative and the children will definitely be having a lot fun! Our camps are focused on engaging students to explore, discover, work in teams and use their imagination in a fun and creative way! We now have open enrollment to the public.

Cost of Summer Camps at DTPT:

There is a one-time summer camp registration fee of $25 for our in-house families and a one-time summer camp registration fee of $35 for the public

1 day a week/drop in session AM or PM: $45.00 a day

2 days a week AM or PM session: $85 a week

3 days a week AM or PM session: $125.00 a week

4 days a week AM or PM session: $156 a week

5 days a week AM or PM session: $185.00 a week

Full day camps are available for 5 days a week: $296 a week (Parent must provide a nut-free lunch)

Discounts: We offer 5% discount for any family enrolling two or more children. We also offer a 5% discount for enrolling a child in two or more camps. The discount will be applied to the second and consecutive camps. Please note you must register and pay for all camps at the same time to receive the discount. No discounts will be given if enrolling in multiples camps separately.

Referrals: Please help us to pass the word that DTPT is going to be having wonderful unique summer camps this year! If you refer a friend you will get a $20 credit on your account. We appreciated your support.

Outside play: The children will be having outside activities every day and water will be part of the fun, so please make sure they apply sunscreen before coming to the camp and always bring an extra set of clothes, bottle of water and a towel. All items need to be label with name and last name.

Come JOIN US to ignite your summer and spark imaginative learning at our adventurous camps!