Daytime Playtime is a place where children have fun with others, develop a joy for learning to become comfortable and secure in an academic environment. Children develop differently depending on their ages and experiences. No two kids are alike and should not be compared to each other. They are all learning in different ways and at different rates.

Social development is the most important aspect of their young lives. It plays a role in how they communicate, interaction, and build relationships with one another. It is important for them to have positive experiences within a group. This helps them learn how to get along with others while learning empathy and compassion. Friendships help children develop emotionally; it gives them different ways of relating to others. It helps them learn the give and take of social behavior on how to set up rules, weigh alternatives, make decisions, and experience happiness, love, fear, anger, and rejection. Friendship provides companionship and stimulation for each other and over all improves their sense of self-esteem.

Our program emphasizes all the different stages of a preschooler's development. There is a mixture of both self-directed and teacher directed activities. We have a curriculum that allows each child to progress based on their age and level. We offer a flexible daily schedule that incorporates independent learning, group structured activities as well as circle time.

Our curriculum is designed to grow along with your child, teaching essential skills in a logical, natural sequence that encourages children to learn, step by step in a nurturing family-like atmosphere. Our small class sizes and low student to teacher ratios give students the individualized attention that they deserve. Children receive individual assessments and detailed written progress reports twice a year to monitor and track individual progress. Our strong, literacy-based approach teaches writing and reading readiness, as well as daily activities in math, science, and art. The curriculum is designed around a monthly theme that ties all the disciplines together. Children also have computer time and are introduced to foreign language.

Our daily schedule includes time for independent free play. This gives each child time to develop their own interests, skills and strengths. Children participate in group activities that foster listening skills, creativity with an emphasis on social development. Our school is equipped with a math & science room, a reading & writing room, a state-of-the-art computer lab, an interactive music and movement area, and an outdoor nature classroom. Each day, the students rotate through the various classrooms during their allotted time.

Our activities are geared to help your child learn to relate and work with others while developing patience and self-control. At Daytime Playtime, we strive to help each child gain independence and confidence as we prepare your child for Kindergarten.

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